Why Choose Us
Why you will choose Enlighten Electric

We are always striving to be the best in the Electrical industry. We can tell you some reasons why you should choose Enlighten Electric LLC for your next electrical project!

1. Reasonable Price

We always offer a reasonable price for our work. We don’t have any hidden fees; we will offer a Proposal and make sure you are happy with it and in full agreement before the work starts. 

2. Fast & Responsive Service

We will not make you wait after your initial request for a Quote. We arrive in a fully stocked vehicle, ready to fix your electrical issues. We are here at your service when you need it.

3. Guarantee

We guarantee our workmanship for life, and we always believe in our Customer Satisfaction.

4. Licensed & Insured Master Electrician

Shane is highly skilled, trained, knowledgeable and drug-free. He is licensed in the State of Pennsylvania and fully insured.

5. Solve your Electrical Issues Permanently

It is worth the cost to hire a Licensed Master Electrician because Shane gets the job done right the first time, every time. He has built a reputation as the Master Electrician who can fix anything, even when everyone else is stumped by hard to solve issues!

Let us help you!

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